2013 ESSP Workshops

Astronomy - July 21-26, 2013, Penn State, Brandywine
Help us build a simulated Solar System where the planets safely orbit the Sun, instead of colliding with the Sun or escaping into space.Kinesthetically orbit the Sun and see how planets built up from the simplest building blocks of gas and dust. Activities will be grounded in Claims-Evidence-Reasoning
Plate Tectonics - July 28-Aug 2, 2013, Penn State, Brandywine
Through the lens of a Claims Evidence Reasoning (CER) approach, we will explore global landforms and their tectonic settings. Join us as we track the formation of the Hawaiian Islands and the layers of the Grand Canyon using authentic data sets and Google Earth/Maps technology. All activities will discuss cross-disicplinary interactions, literacy concepts and connections to PA state standards. Maps and materials from all exercises will be provided electronically to teachers to bring back to their classrooms.
HurricanesEnergy - Aug 4-9, 2013, Penn State, University Park
Using Claims Evidence Reasoning as the foundation, explore how energy is transformed with toys and visit the innovative MorningStar home to see energy concepts translated to a real life home.